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about my work

In the midst of all my work there is occasionally even frantic abstract expressionism, within which I am inclined to see the third side of things and envision the unseen to be seen.


That invisible to me is more true than the lessons rising from the past or foggy figures of yesterday. Although my work sometimes shows a tinge of the visible world, it resembles the round burgundy red stain of a wine bottle on the teak veneer in my studio, or the last glow of the suddenly dimmed North Star.


All they reveal of yesterday is that it happened.


Here is a video about me made by Chappe, the museum of contemporary art:


Kuva: Katriina Roiha




"Ruotsalo’s works have always charmed me with the respectful and soothingly elegant approach to their surroundings."

Pekka Mattila

My atelier is a space for art, creativity and facing each other, with the door always open for all of you who are interested in conversations and art. Please feel free to call me, you are most welcome to visit in Billnäs.

- Panu

Hollywoodinkuja 3, Billnäs, Finland

Kuva: Katriina Roiha



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