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about me

In the year 2000, stepping out the door of my art school as a newly graduated visual artist, I identified myself as an artist for the first and last time. That tiny moment when everything was so utterly clear, the future so set in my mind, soon settled itself in the correct perspective alongside my work as an artist, and in its shadow. I found a researcher within me, and a sort of burning to an anthropologist approach to observe the world around me, to fit myself in it.


I soon understood that art is about movement, searching and rigorousness. You have to learn not to build a nest to the spot where you feel good, learn to experience uncertainty. You have to be loyal to the work, uncompromisingly, and search for new feelgoods to pass.


I am a periodic artist and I will work with frenzy as long as it takes until I have had my say. I will empty the bottle at one take, shying away from pauses.


It is necessary for me to renew myself every day, to know how to listen to the strongest manners for me to be good at my work. I have passed through extremely quiet colorful paintings to completely monochromatic delicate presentation, only to find myself in the midst of the core of abstract expressionism.


I have also made glass art and sculptures, but my core competency is in painting. The tools in that are my strong skill and those are the tools I use unscrupulously while searching for questions for the abysmal answers the surroundings offer.


Curriculum Vitae: Panu Ruotsalo 

Date of Birth: 11th May 1971 Hämeenlinna, Finland 


1996–2000   Art school MAA

Private exhibitions 

2024  Culture house Björkboda, Kemiön saari

2023  Gallery Kajaste, Oulu

2023   Gallery Bronda, Helsinki, Finland 

2022   Gallery Nuovo, Lahti, Finland


2021   Gallery AVA, Helsinki, Finland


2021   Gallery Bronda, Helsinki, Finland


2020   Gallery KONE, Hämeenlinna, Finland


2019   Gallery AVA, Helsinki, Finland


2019   Gallery Q, Tampere, Finland

2019   Gallery Bronda, Helsinki, Finland


2017   Vaasa City Art Gallery,Finland, Heräämisen värit ja muodot


2012   Gallery Ruutikellari, Hamina, Finland


2009   Gallery Eva Pinomaa, Panu Ruotsalo & Reidar Särestöniemi, Hanko, Finland


2008   Gallery Uusitalo, Helsinki, Finland


2006   Galley Nunes, Helsinki, Finland


2005   Gallery Bakeliittibambi, Helsinki, Finland

2002   Paperihuone exhibition space, Hämeenlinna, Finland

2002   Gallery Focus, Karjaa, Finland 

2000   Gallery Ulaani, Helsinki, Finland 

Group/cooperative exhibition 

2023    Tammisaari art museum Chappe, Finland, opening exhibition, in March

2023    AVA Galleria, Finland


2022    Karjaa culture center Fokus, Finland, opening exhibition “Transparent world” Helmi Remes & Panu Ruotsalo


2022    Billnäs gallery, Finland


2021    Rovaniemi art museum, Finland Elämänviiva  


2021    Gumbostrand Konst&Form, Sipoo,Finland 


2020    Finland Glass museum, Riihimäki, Ikävän anatomia, Panu Ruotsalo & Helmi Remes


2019    Gallery Bronda, Helsinki, Finland, summer exhibition


2018    Lapinlahden Lähde, Helsinki, Finland, Group OOO


2016    EARTH, New York. United Nations, New York, The essence of survival


2016    Mältinranta art center, Tampere,Finland Group OOO


2016    Gallery Huuto, Helsinki, Finland Group OOO


2015    Gallery Uusitalo, Inkoo, Finland


2015    Nordic Season, Finland In Lisbon, Portugal


2013    Järkeä tekijänoikeuslakiin exhibition, Helsinki, Finland


2013    Konst&Form Gumbostrand, SIpoo, Finland


2013    Helena Karihtala Interior design, Helsinki, Finland


2011    Billnäs Summer exhibition, Finland


2009    RPM New Substances, Sundsvall, Sweden


2010    Billnäs Summer exhibition, Finland


2009    Billnäs Summer exhibition, Finland


2009    RPM, Artisin Gallery, Jyväskylä, Finland


2007    RPM, The Baltic Sea Delegation, Tallinn, Estland


2007    Gallery Uusitalo, Summer exhibition, Helsinki, Finland


2007    Gallery Eeva Pinomaa, Summer exhibition, Hanko, Finland


2006    Gallery Eeva Pinomaa, Summer exhibition, Hanko, Finland


1998    Modern Art Museum, Pärnu, Estland

1998    Gallery Porthan, Helsinki, Finland


1997    Hotel Korpilampi, Espoo, Finland, Installations 


Finnish Painters´Union 


2015    Bukowski, profits from an auctioned piece for New Children´s Hospital 2017, 2600 € 

2012    Annual report of The National Emergency Supply Agency, illustration


2010    Factory Superstars, Culture Center Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, Finland 

2010    Art Fair, Gallery Uusitalo, Helsinki, Finland


2008    Art Fair, Gallery Uusitalo, Helsinki, Finland

2007    Art Fair, Gallery Nunes, Stockholm, Sweden 

Artwork in collections

Benetton Foundation collection 
Collection of Raasepori town, Finland 
Paulo Foundation 
Finnish State Art collection 
Collection of Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation 
Swanljung¨s collection 
Aalto University 
Pekka Mattila collection 
Konst i Norr museet , Kiiruna, Sweden 


2022    Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) 

2020    Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) 

2018.   The Finnish Cultural Foundation

2005    Alfred Kordelin Foundation


2016    Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland (team) 

2016    Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Taike (team) 

Public artwork

2016, 2018, 2021    Aalto University (Aalto EE) 

2012    Sipoo high school, Finland 


2017    Imago mundi, Luciano Benetton Collection. Myth and Innovation Contemporary Artists from Finland

2010    Suomalaisia nykytaiteilijoita lähikuvassa, Pirkko Vekkeli, Ilpo Vainionpää. WSOY 

2016    Earth, The essence of survival, Saphira & Ventura Gallery 

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